DIMENSIONS: H: 4.8”/W: 2.8”/D: 0.7”

The Primex Fiber Transition Case (FTC) is an efficient and adaptable solution for storing up to 3’ of fiber drop cable and a simplex connector. The FTC is ideal for test points, Fiber-to-the-desk, and repair splices.
In the footprint of a standard wall outlet, this enclosure offers splice holders on each side and an optional external adapter mount for tight-space applications.

(Fiber pigtails are optional)


  • Up to 3’ of fiber drop cable management with a protective lid.
  • Ports hold a simplex connector on each end.
  • Single fusion splice holders.
  • Break-off tabs allow for scalability for up to two entry/exit ports.
  • Optional side mount for external adapter use in applications with limited space.
  • Optical wall outlet capability.
  • Available in PVC for outside use in Primex enclosures or ABS for inside stand-alone use.


125-0945 FTC01 White ABS w/screw cap
125-0873 FTC01-1 White ABS w/single SC/APC Adapter
125-0848 FTC31 Grey PVC
125-0849 FTC1-01 White, w/ext. adapter mount
125-0850 FTC1-31 Grey, w/ext. adapter mount