DIMENSIONS: H 7”/W 7.7”/D 2.56”

The Primex Verge RFoG (ONU) Mounting System is a compact, secure solution for protecting the RFoG component within a Primex enclosure.
Designed to fit industry-standard RFoG’s, the snap lid and screws safely limit access to fiber and coax connections while storing fiber splices and slack.


• Mounts/manages RFoG (ONU) securely within an enclosure to limit access of end-user.
• Universal mount and cover fits industry standard RFoG (ONU) installation.
• Splice holder and slack storage manages fiber and protects bend radius.
• Snap lid and screws safely and securely limits end user access to cables and connectors.
• Passive venting reduces heat buildup.
• Cable tie downs manage incoming/outgoing cabling.
• Self-supporting hinges hold the cover sturdy at 110° while you work.
• Universal hole mounting pattern for industry compatibility.


125-1413: RFoG (ONU) Mounting System, white

125-1475: RFoG (ONU) Mounting System, grey